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iKringloop makes re-use easier & faster than throwing away by connecting neighbours, local charities and municipalities to your second hand stuff.

Getting rid of your stuff has never been easier. To facilitate faster pickup the app shares posted items directly with fellow users, thrift stores and other interested parties. Users can also register free items for fast and safe removal by local municipalities. iKringloop is the alternative to throwing away!

In three easy steps you simply take a picture, give a category or condition and share with those who want your stuff! With this cool innovative tool, residents now have the incentive and ability to reuse unwanted goods as a smarter, cheaper and sustainable alternative to waste.


Free Stuff !

Pass your old belongings on to your neighbors, friends or other people who want the stuff you no longer want. By simply taking a photo, fellow users can quickly find and locate free stuff in their area.

Pickup services

When you take a photo of your old belonging your local Thirftstore automatically receives an email notifying them of something of interest. They can contact you or you can contact them to arrange a pickup!

Collection points

iKringloop also allows users to find local collection points that accept all sorts of things like cloths, appliances, toys or books. Find out where to get rewards, discounts and vouchers by “doing good”

Making re-use easier than disposal.

Together with iKringloop we can reduced the amount of bulky waste. iKringloop offers A) Extra visibility of charity organizations and thriftstore as well as recycling centers, B) personal communication with citizens about recycling C) simple integration with existing systems of recycling, reuse and waste disposal.Stimulate-Reuse




iKringloop is making a difference

:The Proof Is In The Pudding. Since it’s release iKringloop has been nominated for several awards. This innovative peer-to-peer system works so successfully that it stands out in the crowd!



SXSW Eco Startup Showcase






E-waste 2.0 Challenge



Duurzame Dinsdag 2013